Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Edge of the World


Just in case you've wondered about where the edge of the World is...



Holga wide pinhole

Monday, January 29, 2024

 Another day, another pinhole photo...

Although, I made this one yesterday just because I found a small film-holder that was loaded with some ancient Efke that I needed to know if it still worked or was fogged...

And guess what, it works...mostly.

The cool thing about digging through old boxes of stuff is finding some left behinds.  

I sometimes think about just sticking to one format and one camera and one film emulsion, but it NEVER works that way. I'm too fickle and love too many cameras.

Finding this particular film holder with old EFKE in it has prompted me to go on another search for a prized little box I have that hasn't been used in a few years.  Stay tuned for I want to build another camera after seeing one a friend had built for this same small format size....

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Pancho Villa was here....


What the heck? Another post? Is the world going to end...well not just yet I hope.

Same camera as before, the Holga wide pinhole which I love all over again.

Campsite at Columbus, New Mexico...yeah, where Pancho Villa raided the town... it's an interesting story with a lot of intrigue and mystique actually.

Pancho Villa State Park sits a scant three miles north of the border with Mexico and is quite sparse as state parks go. 

I loved it here! Not crowded, wide open spaces. Lot's of camper spots, scrubby trees with attitude and enough sky to fill a few rolls of film.

The State Park has a nice museum, and the historical museum adjacent to the SP has an old train caboose and lots of information about the town, the railroad and old "stuff". The museum is free and the state park has a minimal entrance fee which it well worth the cost.  It's about a five hour drive south of Albuquerque, with T or C , then Hatch and then Deming along the way for some added stops and good food.

Saturday, January 27, 2024


It's been a minute as they say...

I'm still kicking and ticking and counting in my head for pinhole stuff.

This one made in a park in Blanco Texas after a deluge of rain. I'd forgotten what a good rainstorm felt like since we rarely have them in New Mexico.

Rain is really wet when it comes downs in buckets. It's also warm and not ice cold like here at home...but it was cold on this early January day.

Holga Wide pinhole at the 6 x 12 format on 120 film if you must know the deets.

This is going to be my camera du jour for the year for pinhole, so by some rare chance I post on a regular basis again, that's the scoobie doo on that.

Stay well everyone.

I may be back....

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Little church up the road


St. Francis de Asis church in Golden, New Mexico.

It's just up the road a bit and easy to  drive to with a nice little stop on the way at the gas station in Cedar Crest for a burrito.


Reality So Subtle pinhole camera loaded with some 1996 Kodak Vericolor III.   I had to push it quite a bit to wake it up in developing. Easy as, not sure what but adding developing time to a pinhole photo seems right.

I may do it again!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Moriarty, New Mexico


 Cigar Box pinhole image of an old truck stop on route 66. Moriarty, New Mexico  January 11, 2022

The cigar box is very thin, so this gives a very wide view of the scenery. Propped it up on the truck bumper as I have no tripod for it. Works fine as long as the Earth doesn't know.