Thursday, July 19, 2018

I made some sawdust

In my cleaning out drawers and cabinets a few weeks ago...I came across a box of 2.25 x 3.25 film and a handful of film holders.
In order to utilize this cache, I decided to build a simple pinhole box, because you know you can never have enough pinhole boxes right?

The above is the first test shot out of it.

 And this shot is a vertical. I made both of these by sitting the pinhole box on the bumper of my truck...and as you can see I needed to aim upwards a bit. but bumpers being bumpers, there was no such adjustment.

I didn't put a tripod socket in this box and may not...I kind of like having it uber simple.

I'll post some pix of the box tomorrow.

Oh, the film was 100 speed Arista, dunked in caffenol for eight minutes.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Life and Lemons...

It's been a tough week...
I had two the same time, and only one spare....that was a challenge. All good now!

Then I stubbed my toe and tripped and fell and dinged my knee up pretty bad....I'm hobbling along, but getting better...

And the photo above was made in a neat little Zenit E camera that stopped working after I unloaded the film yesterday. 
(I took a short jaunt out to Tucumcari for a day, so that was a nice treat.)

Plus, I had the ISO set at 400, when in fact the film was 100 speed Agfa I gave it a little push in caffenol to save the day! 

Last Friday was the 13th, and although I'm not the superstitious type, this recent chain of events has caused me to wonder...  

have a great week everyone. Stay cool and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

the 4th

another year of independence....
this is too deep for me to even write about, so I'll just leave you with a quickie shot made out the window of my truck while cruising around last week...
Vivitar Wide and slim, (in truth, a clone version named Olive San made by Superheadz).
Kodak Tri x dunked in know, my usual...


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Underwater in the Back yard...or how I found Atlantis

a silly somewhat perplexing title don't ya think?

I found an old Polaroid back with some Fuji instant film in it while rummaging through a drawer the other day and this is the end result.

Fuji no longer makes color instant film in this size, and I didn't pay attention to see what shot number this was and set up my pinhole camera in the back yard, put the film back on the camera and made this...
I don't meter, I just pretend to be the emulsion and wait, and watch and listen and wait some more, then when I feel like the emulsion has had enough, I stop the exposure.

When I first pulled the backing paper off and saw the result, and after realizing this was the last shot in the pack, it struck me as looking like it was an under water scene.

Which I like since there's not much water around here.

There are people that live just north and also south, and then east and west of me that haul water because their wells have gone dry, so it's quite a contrary thought of being underwater here....

Friday, June 29, 2018

the practice runs...

They say practice makes perfect.
I'm not sure who "they" are, but sometimes practice will make you crazy.

I've lately been dinking (scientific term for aimlessly experimenting) with artistamp sized pinhole shots.

They're made by hand cutting a piece of photo paper small enough to fit inside a 35mm camera. I have an old wreck of a Pentax k1000 I made a pinhole body cap for to do this.

It's a slow process because, it's load, expose, then unload, reload, expose and so on.  Not a fast process, but pinhole isn't fast so it suits me.
Here are couple of samples:
 This one was a bit overexposed so it solarized...this was on Harman Direct Positive paper, so what you see it what you get right out of the camera after developing. I use caffenol, so it has a slight stain to it.

Here's another one I over exposed and it kind of flipped out. I like it though. It reminds me of some kind of apocalyptic snowstorm.

this one is just a mess, but I'm putting here mainly so I can go back and retry it....

these are all small, just the size of a 35mm film frame.

anyway, a work in be continued.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

lunacy returns...

the truth is, it never left!

I'm an amateur astronomer and often make photos of the night sky.
In the past, that has meant using my Pentax K1000 on a tripod to make quick snaps of interesting conjunctions of the planets with the Moon or nightscapes.
I've also made countless digital images of the Milky Way and star fields that I like to look at.

For the past few years I've been making what I call "loonies".

I hand trim a piece of Harmon Direct positive photo paper to fit in a 35mm film camera, then hold it up to the eyepiece of my telescope and make a lunar portrait.
They are each one of a kind since the Moon is an always changing dynamic body.
Harmon Direct Positive makes as you see below, a positive print. It's a favorite of pinhole photographers because it's a slow emulsion and eliminates the step of making a contact print. 

Load, expose, develop, and viola, a print as you see here.

When the Moon is near full, like it was last night, the exposure is one second long.
When it is full, the exposure will be 1/2 second.

Last night I made this one.

I like it. To flatten them after drying I stick them in heavy books, and sometimes forget one, so it's a great surprise to serendipitously have one fall out in my lap when I open one of those books and find a forgotten "loonie".
Life is good.!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim...again and again, I just like the little things...

So here I sit going through files and files of photos on my computer and realize that the Vivitar Wide and Slim is probably my most used camera along with various pinholes, Holgas, and of course my much loved disposables.

It's a simple little plastic box, with a single speed shutter and an uber wide 22mm lens. No controls, just point, compose, click, and you are done.
I like that! The photo above was made from the passenger seat.
Many of my shots are done this way because I like the feeling of the road passing by and making occasional snaps when I get the urge. 

Here's another snap made at a recent car show. For such a small piece of plastic wonder, the camera has a relatively sharp lens.

Another shot made from the passenger seat. This was one of those days I wished I'd loaded color, but black and white is my habit, and since I use home-brew caffenol to develop my films, it's likely to remain my first choice. 

Occasionally I get a shot that kind of makes me shake my head because it looks like it might have been made with a better camera than a simple box with a single speed shutter and no aperture control lens.

I could go on and on and load pages of photos made with the little Vivitar, but you get the idea. It's easy to love a camera that  needs no batteries and is ready at a moments notice to hit the road!