Saturday, June 16, 2018

more disposable fun

This is the closest thing to a selfie I make... like most photographers, I don't really like being in front of the camera.

This was made at Prada, Marfa near Valentine. Texas.

 This is a funky art's not a walk in store.

Behind the store is a wire panel fence that passersby have put locks on.

Maybe this should just be filed under strange things seen in the desert....these were hanging on the fence on the south side of the Prada building...when I passed by here a week later they were gone.

 Valentine, Texas is quite the metropolis....maybe for Roadrunners and horned lizards perhaps...not so much for people.

all photos made with a Rollei disposable camera I reloaded with Arista Premium 400 film and then sloshed about in caffenol for 8 minutes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

There Be Aliens in these parts...

It's always a pleasure to come upon random art out in the middle of nowhere....


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Respectfully quiet and serene

Holga Wide pinhole with Fuji Acros 100
This old cemetery on a hill in nearby Cerrillos is one I think is typical of what an old wild west cemetery should look like, It's tucked away off the main road and overlooks miles and miles of New Mexico mountains. It's a nice day trip from Albuquerque if you like this sort of thing..

Sunday, May 27, 2018

On the Way to Somewhere

Foggy pinhole dash photo.
Pinhole printed Flyer camera.
Fuji Across 100
Sloshed in caffenol for 8 usual poison.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Alive and Well in the Desert

I'll always be a desert dweller, even though the dryness makes my fingers crack and bleed and my bones's where I like to be.
I made a little trip to big ol' Texas a few weeks ago and spent some time looking far south toward Mexico where the sky is endless and the silence goes on for a hundred miles.

I call these yuccas "witchdoctors" ...they just look so surreal and each one has a personality all its own.
Reality So Subtle 6 x 6 pinhole camera with some 100 speed Ultrafine film sloshed about in caffenol.
It's what the doctors ordered.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Road to Guadalupe

Besides pinhole and my Holga...I do love a disposable camera! It fits in my pocket, I don't worry about it getting nicked and it just feels right when I'm riding shotgun on a road trip through west Texas.
I don't worry about settings, or fidgeting with dials.
I just point and shoot. Freedom in a plastic box.
Wonder what Mr. Fox Talbot would think?

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Vertical is the new Black

that's a ridiculous thing to say....

I'm in a funky mood, not coughing, feeling a bit of melancholy with the weather being a bit damp, and finding a dead rabbit in the front yard this it's been an odd day. 

Here's a wee photo of an alleyway in Cheyenne, Wyoming from last summer.
Shot with a disposable camera that I had reloaded with some tri x.
I like reloading disposables. it's work, but then no one is going to mug you for a cheapie crap disposable camera when you are out and about looking like a tourist...even when you are not a tourist.

This particular camera is a Rollei. Yeah! Fancy that! It was made in china like all the billions of other disposables out there but badged with a Rollei sticker and originally loaded with bona-fide Rollei film. 
Anyway, I don't judge. I just push the shutter button at things that I like.