Wednesday, July 1, 2015

20 for 20

My astronomy club gets together once a month after the "official" monthly meeting for some beer and pizza at a local restaurant called Il Vicino.

This pinhole image was made with a small Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera on 120 Kodak Ektar 100 film.

The exposure was 20 minutes long and there are 20 people at our table, having 20 conversations, probably 20 beers, (not everyone drinks beer, but some have 2 so the math is good I think) 10 pizzas, pasta, salad, and some that just sit and chat and visit and catch up and talk about astronomy, and travel,the weather and The Hubble Space Telescope ( our guest speaker was a former HST fixer upper).

Luckily there was a nice ledge at the end of the table for my pinhole camera.  I stood guard for the 20 minute exposure and observed my friends as they talked, ate and had their conversations.  I also watched my pizza get dropped on the floor at the end of the table.

No, you don't see that in the photo, but all of this happened. It's truly a time capsule of sorts.

Some people move a lot when they eat, or talk, and some as you see, are relatively still while they sit and visit.

Most of them weren't even aware of the camera, or were and just kept on about their meal and conversation.s
I enjoy this. I don't meter and never have...I just observe and when I feel like the emulsion has had enough, I stop the exposure.

Yes it's that simple.