Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A fine day at the refuge

The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge near Socorro, New Mexico is one of my favorite places to visit in the winter.  Lots of birds overwinter here and today there were a bunch of birds, wild turkeys, geese, Sandhill cranes, Eagles, doves, and lots of ducks....but none of them sat long enough for a pinhole...
This is a photo of one of the many canals that supply water to the various large lakes on the refuge.
Harman direct positive paper exposed for 60 seconds, then dunked in caffenol for about 4 minutes.  I love the effect the coffee developer has on this paper.

Oh, and just a reminder that Worldwide Pinhole Day is April 28th this year. 
Plus, I'm building another "Palomino" style pinhole camera, but this one will be 5 x 7.  As soon as I get a usable film holder for it, I'll start building.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Port Lavaca, Texas

Main street in Port Lavaca, Texas.  30 second exposure, sloshed in caffenol for 8 minutes.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

keeping it simple for 2013

One of my goals for 2013 is to live an uncomplicated life.
My life in the mountains is already pretty simple.  I live in a small unassuming house, heat it with firewood when it's cold in the winter and sleep with the windows open in the summer when it's hot.

To un-complicate my life even more, I'm going to pare down my camera collection (yes I'll be selling a few cameras) and mainly use the Palomino Pinhole this year.

The reason is that  pinhole has always made me the happiest.

Pinhole is simple, yet it takes more thought which might seem contradictory, but honestly- being more thoughtful about making a photo will just make my life easier and simpler because all I have to consider is the subject and not the camera.
I want to make images that tell stories, and make you smile and think.

Just me, a light tight box and my surroundings.

along the pier

A hand cut paper negative sloshed in caffenol for about 2 minutes.....
I love paper negatives, not only are they inexpensive, but the character of the paper really adds some personality to the image.

The exposure was about 45 seconds long.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fort Lancaster, Texas

Another Palomino pinhole camera shot with Harman Direct positive paper sloshed in caffenol for 4 minutes.  I really like this combo and with pinhole it makes it super easy to have a nice little print to share!

below and beyond

Looking out to the Gulf of Mexico from under the pier at Port Aransas.  I quite like this place!  It's salty and breezy and the humidity was good for my skin, or so I was told.  The scenery was good for my soul.  No one told me that, I figured that out on my own.  

expired Ilford FP4 exposed for 8 seconds, then developed in home brew caffenol.