Tuesday, February 20, 2018

a little tree with some miniature ruins...

Found this while looking for something else in my negatives...
This one from a Harman Titan 4 x 5 pinhole.
It's not my favorite camera, but it is nice that it is waterproof and easy and light to carry around.

Paper negative sloshed around in caffenol for a bit, then dried and scanned and reversed and there you have it. 
The ruins are not miniature by any means.
They are at Fort McKavett, Texas-an old frontier fort.

another day, another pinhole

This is a test shot made with a 6 x 6 Reality so Subtle pinhole.
It's a neat camera that has two pinholes on the front, one above the other that makes it possible to shoot normal, and to shoot things that are taller as I have done in the photo above.

This photo was made with the normal setting pinhole so it has more foreground in the frame. The camera was not moved or changed. Only the lower pinhole was used for this.

It's a neat setup and one that can be used to advantage in many scenes depending upon how you want the outcome to turn out.
In the case of trees, it's going to be a handy feature when I want to show some of the height and personality of certain trees.

Monday, February 19, 2018

the year is going quickly and weirdly...

From last summer at Devils Tower. made with a 3d printed pinhole camera that I like a lot and should use more often.
It has a more "standard" type camera look to it as far as what the final result renders. 
It's a handy little camera to just tuck in a pocket and have at the ready for interesting scenes...such as the one above.  I was looking for a pile of mashed potatoes later but found none....

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dairy Queen moment

Not pinhole.
K1000 with a sigma wide 24mm lens and Delta 100 film dunked in caffenol.

I like this. Not sure why really, but it's refreshing and makes me feel like I'm back home in the Piney woods of Texas on my way to the Dairy Queen.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

On the Porch

Fort McKavett, Texas.
I'm a pushover for old boards and deeply grooved floorboards. The stories they could tell..... 
There's just something about the allure of the way the softer wood wears away with time to leave the harder heartwood intact that makes me wish I could be a tiny insect and inspect the grooves a bit closer.

4 x 5 pinhole box with sheet film 
This is from the archives too and was made the same time of my previous post here. 
The lunar eclipse went well so I'll be back to my normal spastic posting soon.

Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate it.