Saturday, February 9, 2013

another camera in the making....Cinco-Seven

I'm making a 5 x 7 pinhole camera and wanted to share a shot of it before it gets too much farther along.

I'm making it out of some plywood scraps in my wood shed/workshop and hope to have it finished by the end of next week and early enough to practice a few shots with before World Pinhole day rolls along..

It will be about f/250, with a depth of 4.5 inches.  This should give me an exposure length of about 90 seconds for Harman Direct Positive paper, and about 4 seconds for ASA 100 film.

Anyway, a couple of thoughts came to mind today during construction:

I really wish someone made spray on black of course!

Cookie dough looks just like wood filler...dare I say I used cookie dough today to fill a hole in a void in the plywood!

You can NEVER have enough clamps.

Sanding surfaces smooth is my least favorite part of woodworking.

My router scares the bejeebies outta me.

I can still hear the phone ring over the sound of the table saw.

I wish tripod sockets/inserts came pre-installed in boards.

An emery board works great as a fine file in tight spots.

I still have all my fingers!

Here's a shot of the camera so far.

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