Sunday, September 15, 2013

down came the rain and washed the spider out....

....and many other things for the past few days.

The rain has caused a lot of damage, death and worry in the western states, namely Colorado and parts of New Mexico.

I took a little road trip up and alongside the Rio Grande just to see what it was up to. Near Taos, the river seemed deceivingly calm with a few rafters running the cool currents of the river as it made its way south.

I watched a kayaker practice his rolls and maneuvers around boulders in the water as I set up my pinhole gear to make a photo.

Today's pinhole is from the re-habbed Galiceno that I cut the front off of last week to make it shoot wider. This is a much better configuration and I'll be using it more now that it is a much happier box.

Harman Direct Positive paper exposed for about 4 minutes, developed in caffenol for about 6 minutes.

Have an amazing day and thanks for stopping by!

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