Friday, November 1, 2013

hiatus...of sorts

A few weeks ago I decided I would use one camera, and one camera only for the month of November
The camera I chose for the "one month, one camera" project is a Shakey's.
The Shakey's is a Diana clone, except it doesn't have any controls at all like some Diana's do.  No focusing, no aperture control, no nothing.  Just a shutter that clicks.

It shoots 120 size film and makes 16 exposures on each roll.

I am doing this not as punishment, but more as a way to hone my skills as a photographer and focus on subject matter and light and not futz around with a bunch of cameras that do different things.
Simplifying  and getting back to basics.

This means, well it almost means there will be NO pinhole photography for a month.

That is unless I hack the Shakey's and put a pinhole in it somehow...which I might, but I'm going to try and use the Shakey's au jus, and tough it out.

Sure, I'm a bit anxious about this project, but I need to step outside of my comfy pinhole box for a while.

With all that said, I will probably post some photos here from the Shakey's camera just so you know I'm still clicking and to keep things moving along.
At any rate, thanks for stopping by, it really means a lot to me that you visit.

I shot a full roll of Kodak Ektar 100 today, using the Shakey's  and hope to have something to share with you on Monday.

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