Thursday, April 30, 2015

La Aurora

Pushing boards through the table saw makes me happy.
Pushing boards through the table saw to make pinhole cameras makes me even happier!

I don't know if it's just the sound that the blade makes when air whishes past it, or if it's the smell of sawdust that does it, but it's all good.

I didn't really plan on making a camera today, but decided to after looking at a nice piece of pine that's been calling to me for a while in the shed. Pine smells like vanilla when it goes through the table saw so that's a bonus!

Scrap wood smells stinky when it is cut, so having the scent of vanilla wafting about was extra nice.

There are not a lot of photos from the building stages today, but you know how it goes... there's cutting and gluing and clamping and nailing and painting.

The front of the camera is made from the lid of a cut up cigar box.                             

The interior looks as good as the outside....I like that! Beauty inside and out!

If you haven't guessed, this is for a 4 x 5 film holder.

It's pretty shallow, with a focal length of about 2-1/8 inches  so the exposures will be fairly short and the view will be wide....just what I need to photograph Texas next time I go!

Have a great day, and as always thanks for stopping by.

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