Friday, June 26, 2015

Galaxy Paper

Galaxy Paper

Have you heard the news?
Galaxy Paper is in the works for making a new direct positive photo paper!
Just click the link above for the scoop!

If that's not exciting...
how about the fact that they are working on an emulsion with an ISO that corresponds to film at 32-64.

I'm excited and you should be too!

It's not often we photographers get something made just for us and something that is bound to be well received.

Galaxy Paper is something to look forward to. 

Edit!!!  They are not making direct positive paper as I thought earlier....but they are making reversal paper with a faster ISO.   It's still exciting news!


  1. I'm excited, both that it'll be RC paper (meaning fast rinsing and drying) and because of the speed increase I might be able to filter the light for better flesh tones in portraits.

  2. And then I read on APUG that this paper is intended for reversal processing. It's not a direct positive paper, just a faster than normal negative paper! But they have plans to market the chemicals needed to do reversal processing. I'm still interested.