Monday, December 19, 2016

Infrared Anyone?

Occasionally I have an idea that gets under my skin and it itches so bad that the only cure is to go out with a camera and see if it will work.

Such was the idea of using infrared film in a pinhole camera.

I had some old sheets of  4 x 5 Efke IR in my fridge that was just going to get worse as time passed, so I loaded them up, taped an R72 filter behind the pinhole in my 4 x 5 camera and let her rip.

IR film gives the landscape a familiar yet foreign look to it.  I think it worked out okay in this instance.
One of the cool things about using IR film is it really needs a lot of solar radiation to render a I can shoot at high noon instead of waking up with the chickens to go out and make photos!


  1. Very nice results from that combination of large format and IR. I did a little IR with an old Nikon digital years ago, but I think a lot of the newer ones have internal filtering that gets in the way. Never tried it with film. What kind of chemistry did you use for the processing?

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by.
    I used normal B/W chemistry...IN this case, Arista Premium liquid developer mixed 9:1, 68 degrees for 9 minutes.