Friday, January 6, 2017

a New Year a New photo

This is not a pinhole photo, but it's a shot I like quite a bit.

It's from a Family Dollar disposable camera I picked up in Holbrook, Arizona early last year while on a route 66 road trip with my good friend Erin. I think I paid 4 dollars for it.
It's been reloaded a couple of times since it has a unique hinged back door and is super easy to get into.

Most disposable cameras require a little bit of tug of war tactics to get into and then some intrepid persuasion to re-close.

This photo is from an end of year holiday trip down to White Sands and was shot with Kodak Portra 160.   I like having a camera that doesn't matter when stuff like sand and grit are involved and might otherwise cause problems with a "better" camera.

Disposables are handy to have around for times like this.

This one has really soft focus... I think it's nice.

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  1. Sharpness is highly over rated! Love the colors and feel of this