Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pete's...a portal of a different sort

Yeah, I'm kind of stuck on portals lately...but what the heck.
Since it's gotten me out and about with my pinhole, it's probably a good thing.
The weather was nice today, so I took a short drive over to Moriarty with one of my little tin can pinholes loaded with paper.
Pete's is an old bar and has been closed for some time, but it has a certain seediness about it that I'm attracted to for making photos. 

As usual this was dunked in caffenol and scanned then inverted.


  1. That's really a superb image.
    I'd be interested in knowing some of the technical details such as the size of the image, how you convert to positive, and what you use for scanning to digital. It seems like many of these should be made into prints.