Sunday, May 20, 2018

Alive and Well in the Desert

I'll always be a desert dweller, even though the dryness makes my fingers crack and bleed and my bones's where I like to be.
I made a little trip to big ol' Texas a few weeks ago and spent some time looking far south toward Mexico where the sky is endless and the silence goes on for a hundred miles.

I call these yuccas "witchdoctors" ...they just look so surreal and each one has a personality all its own.
Reality So Subtle 6 x 6 pinhole camera with some 100 speed Ultrafine film sloshed about in caffenol.
It's what the doctors ordered.....


  1. Those shots really communicate the vastness of that area. My main contact with it was a couple visits to Alamo Mountain. The petroglyphs were amazing, but the wind nearly blew us away both times.

  2. ‘...and the silence goes on for a hundred miles.’ This makes for a haunting image. Lovely

  3. The glow in your photographs conveys the sense of magic in the vastness ...