Sunday, September 16, 2018

did I loose my touch?

It's been a while since I posted excuse really except doing astronomy, staying up late and just not making many pinhole photos.

This one is from my yard, and as you can see, it looks like I have forgotten how to spool on 120 in the developing tank.  I thought it felt a little bit kinked on the reel, but then thought it felt was not okay, thus the uneven development you see above.

You would think that as many rolls and for as long as I've been dunking film in developer, I would not kink a roll...ha! I guess not.
Anyway, onward and forward to the next adventure!

Here's another shot from the same roll and it's okay-ish.

I made it while walking down  a street. 
Film was Ultrafine 100 dunked in a lovely brew of caffenol for 8 minutes. 
Oh and the camera was a Holga that I pulled the lens housing off of and converted to pinhole. It shoots really wide, which I like a lot.

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