Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keeping it Simple in 2013....part 2

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my goals for 2013 was to un-complicate my life.
Part of that quest involved selling off a few cameras and basically getting rid of some things I no longer use or need.

To date I have sold 3 cameras and let me tell ya, it feels nice to have accomplished part of my goal so soon!
Oh, and I gave away 2, so that's a total of 5 cameras out of my house.

My next task is to go through my closet and sort out the clothes that no longer fit or that just don't get worn for whatever reason and donate them to the local dog rescue (Enchantmutts) thrift shop.  This will make me and the rescue dogs happy!

In other news, I've been building a few pinhole cameras out of scraps in the woodshed, and might be taking orders in the future for some 'one-of-a-kind' pinhole boxes... Each box is custom built around a film holder. I don't have a pattern and just fit and custom cut pieces of plywood to make the boxes. They are ready for painting, staining, wood burning, decoupage, or just leaving "au natural".

Or I will randomly offer them pre-finished. I've been using rare Earth magnets to hold the backs on, so there's no fussing with extra parts or doo-dads that can break or get lost.

It takes about 3 days to build a pinhole camera because, well it just does. For various reasons.

Sometimes it's cold and I don't want to work in the shed, or it's just too nice outside and I want to feed and watch the birds.

I have a couple of Pinon Jays that like peanuts and one of them will take a peanut right out of my hand.  It's pretty cool to be that close to a beautiful bird.

This trumps making sawdust!
I was a birdwatcher long before I was a camera maker, so you understand where I'm coming from.

Anyway, check back here every so often for more news about my camera making adventures and soon I'll have one posted up for sale.

Who knows, maybe I'll sell one I already made...I am trying to simplify my life.

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