Monday, March 25, 2013

The "Galiceno"

I built another small pinhole camera over the weekend out of rough plywood scraps that were laying around in the shed.  These particular leftovers were from a roofing project for our well-house a few years ago, so the wood is yellowed and aged a bit, plus it has some interesting knots and wood grain on it.
Lot's of character!

I built this camera to use 3.25 x 2.25 film holders so it's quite small.

Also, keeping with my habit of naming most of my homemade pinhole cameras after horse breeds, I call this one the "Galiceno".

If you wiki Galiceno, you will read  that  "The breed has good stamina, and a fast, ground-covering, running-walk gait, which is said to be smooth and comfortable to ride. They are strong, able to carry a person all day in heat and over rough terrain, despite their small size."

I like the "good stamina and being strong in the heat and rough terrain" characteristic, because that's what I need in a camera in the desert.

The camera has a focal length of f/217 and has an angle of view of around 60 degrees.

Using Harman Direct Positive paper ( I love this paper) gives me an exposure in the 75 second range (plus or minus depending upon what time of day or year it is) which is nice because I don't have to rush opening and closing the shutter.

The shutter is held on by a rare Earth magnet.  You can see the little magnet in the photo with the shutter off. I'll post a photo of the camera with the shutter on tomorrow because it looks pretty cool!

The photo of the old car was 75 seconds long in afternoon Sun and then the photo paper was marinated in home-brew caffenol for about 4 minutes.

Caffenol is my preferred "soup" for development these days.  It's quick to mix up and the ingredients are easy to find, plus it lends a nice stain to the paper.

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