Friday, December 13, 2013

Fort McKavett in slow light

Fort Mckavett is a dear and special place.  After you arrive, your pulse will slow, a grin will permanently affix itself to your face and the sky will share its stars like no other place on Earth.

True, it does get cloudy sometimes, but friends and food more than make up for any pesky clouds trying to spoil a good time.

These photos were all made with a pinhole camera this past fall.  I've made hundreds of photos here, but each time I go to the Fort the sky is different, the light is different and my walking around in a pinhole trance is different so I keep adding to my collection.

The most impressive ruin on the site is the old Commanding Officers Quarters.  It looks small in this photo, but believe me it's huge!  Unlike some other parks or historical sites, you can walk up to and inside this one and feel the history leaking out of the walls.  I love this building!

This is a view of the parade grounds.  As you can see it was windy because the flag is blown straight out. This old tree is known as the hangin' tree.  At one time the folks at the site were thinking of removing it because it's long dead, but changed their minds and decided to let it stay.   I'm happy they did because I'm very attached to it.

It's the first thing I look for upon arrival at the Fort and I always tell it hello and touch the rough bark.  Little critters use it for shelter.  I think a lot of other folks are attached to it too and hope it stays.

Here's another view of the Commanding Officer's Quarters through some live oak trees.
This is one of the first views I ever shot with a pinhole camera.  I keep working on getting a really good one, but for now this one will do.

The shirt says it all!  Star Party!
This is my dear friend Dan.  He's a past president of The Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society and was gracious enough to remain still for this pinhole portrait!

Some of my fondest memories at the Fort involve sitting on this porch and visiting with my good friends.
Dan is an exceptional conversationalist!

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