Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Window Garden

Click on the image to see it bigger!  It looks better large.

It is my pleasure to offer something as far as I just shot this, today!

While working on  getting my pinhole groove back, I noticed that I had a few exposures left in my Zero Image 2000 pinhole.  It shoots 120 film and was loaded with Fuji Acros 100.  Perfect!

What to shoot, what to shoot?  It's blowing a gale outdoors so I decided to shoot my little indoor window garden.

Besides pinhole and peanut butter, I do like to tinker with plants.  I come from a long line of green thumbs, (almost all of my ancestors were farmers in the mid-west) so having a small garden is par for the course.

I have a couple of Amaryllis that are in various stages of growing and blooming.  An African Violet that just won't stop blooming.  A Jade tree that weighs a ton that I started from a little cutting from a friend, and "Big Mama".

Big Mama is an aloe Vera plant that I brought here with me from Texas.
She, and I know she's a she because she is constantly having babies that I re-pot and give away, weighs about 60 pounds, blooms in the summer and has saved me many a blister from assorted burns I've suffered over the years.

Big Mama is 12 years old and makes me smile every time I see her.  This may sound goofy to just smile about a plant, but I do like her a lot.  She spends the cold months indoors with the jade tree, African Violets and my Christmas Cactus.  The rest of the year she and her buddies go outside in the sunshine and warm air.

The Christmas Cactus just finished blooming and will bloom again around Easter.  Some people have told me they have trouble getting them to bloom again after they bring them home from the store, but mine seems to be really happy in my south window.
So there you have it. My family of plants.

Oh! And yes, that is an avocado pit growing in water on the far right.  I can't help myself but to grow one each year.  There's something primal about seeing the tangled mass of roots twining around themselves in the water that I can't resist.

This Zero Image 2000 pinhole is 2 shots welded together in PS.  I say welded because the seam is visible and not too neat, but it was the best job I could do considering I moved the camera too much when setting things up.
Anyway, I've totally rambled on about it too much, so enjoy.

Next time I'll shoot this in colour so you can see the delicate hue of the violets and Amaryllis.   I love those bulbs!

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