Friday, March 7, 2014

another version of the farting horse...


Today's pinhole photo was made with a Holga Wide Pinhole Camera.  This camera is one of my current favorites mainly because it's small, uses 120 roll film and will make 6 x9 or 6 x 12 photos depending upon which mask is inside.

It's a dream to use, and today's offering was made by hand-cutting some Harman Direct Positive paper to use in it as a single shot camera in the 6 x 9 size..

It's kind of neat to develop this paper and have a positive print!  It's not quite as fast as Polaroid, but since Polaroid is no longer around, it's just as fun, albeit a little more work.

Oh, the exposure was 60 seconds in partly cloudy skies.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Another very nice image. This reminds me that, just this last weekend, I was exposing Harman DPP in a glass-lensed Holga 120 camera. I'm liking the idea of using Harman in a one-shot process inside cameras originally built for roll-film. In fact, I'm eyeing using my Minox B with tiny pieces of Harman DPP, since the Minox has "B" bulb shutter mode.