Monday, March 3, 2014

Year of the Horse and riding along with daVinci

It's the year of the Horse and I built a celebratory 4 x 5 pinhole box!

I decoupaged some daVinci horse drawings on it and also made it a left-handed box because daVinci was a lefty!  It seems that lefty's are thought to be geniuses so I hoped/wanted some of that genius to rub off on me and built this pinhole box.

 This is a front view.

Here's a view of the top.  The box was hand built with some vintage plywood I had in the shed so it's got a lot of character built in already!

And here's the first test shot out of it!   A 15 second exposure in heavy shade on some 100 speed B&W sheet film.
Developed in home brewed caffenol, using the Delta recipe for 7.5 minutes.

Hope you like it! 
Have a wonderful day and as always, thanks for stopping by.

P.S.  In reply to a comment a few posts back about using Gulf of Mexico water to make caffenol and it being funky...indeed! There are no words to describe that aroma.....funkadelic to a whole 'nuther level!  I'm surprised the neighbors didn't report it! :-)

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  1. Great image, and I love the creativity that went into the camera. Well done.