Friday, February 28, 2014


Ah! It's Friday!
It's also the last day of February and I've been meaning to post this pinhole image since New Year's Day and just don't know where the time went!
Anyway, today's offering is a "selfie" of sorts of my hike up to Delicate Arch on New Year's Day.

These are my boots and I'm balancing a model 2000 Zero Image pinhole camera on my knees.
Not easy, especially when tourists are walking past and asking "What is that?"

Kodak Ektar 100 film

Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!  I'll see ya'll on Monday!


  1. That's neat. We went to Arches NP some years ago, myself and my wife hauled an 8x10 pinhole box camera and tripod up to Delicate Arch. I'd find a sitting spot between shots and change out the paper negatives in a changing bag, on my lap. Yes, it did attract some attention! If I had to do it again perhaps the Holga pinhole with Ektar 100 and a lightweight carbon fiber tripod.

    Hiking in the winter seems like a better idea than summer, it's easier to stay warm than stay cool.

  2. That's a pretty minimal flare for shooting a pinhole into the sun! I took the family on a 3-week road trip a couple of years back and I must say that Arches was my very favorite part of the trip. We got caught in a crazy thunder storm while hiking. Winter looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the photo!