Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remembering the old days

I love old cars!
When I was a kid we had an old Chevy Station wagon that kind of looked like a "woodie" except it was all metal.  It had a hole in the muffler at one time, so it sounded like a Hot rod when Dad would drive and rev the engine.  I loved that car!

In honor of the "woodies" of times past, I decided to make a pinhole "woodie" of sorts when a friend requested I make a pinhole camera for him.  He gave me free reign of design, so this is what I came up with.

A Holga converted to a "woodie".  Well sort of...but I think it's kind of cool and the photos out of it are pretty neat too!

Here's the camera:

I took off the lens housing and widened the lens opening with a Dremel tool.  Then I hand cut a small piece of plywood with a Japanese saw for the pinhole board.  I had to sand and custom fit it on the camera.

Next I made a shutter with a magnetic closure.  The magnets are hidden and when the shutter is closed, it's nice and snug so no light will leak in.
All of the wooden pieces were hand stained and buffed with a soft cloth.
Next I cut some side panels for the front to finish the look!  Viola!

Here's a test shot out of it.  It's a 3 second exposure on Arista 100 speed 120 film.  Not too shabby!

I may have to build one for myself now....:-)
Have an amazing day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's pretty neat, Becky. Regarding camera building, where do you source your magnets from for the shutter? I've been meaning to try that feature in my next project.

    1. Joe, I get the magnets from good ol' Amazon.