Saturday, February 1, 2014

Random Crap.....

Well, I had to! I normally find tins in thrift stores or at the dump to make pinhole cameras out of, but this one caught my eye when I was at the Chinese New Year Celebration this morning and I HAD to have it. 
It's about the size of a deck of cards. It's going to be fast and wild! And...serendipitously, see that fish on the front? My very first toy was a rubber fish that looks just like that! Talk about Karma! 

I still have the rubber fish, maybe I'll post a picture of it later, or maybe not... anyway, here's to happy new year pin-holing!  Someone suggested that I make a pinhole photo of my rubber fish toy with the pinhole camera and I think that's a great idea!  Stay tuned for that!

The back of the tin is as good as the front.  This is the side I'm going to drill the pinhole in.  It's going to wind up being about F/53!  That is fast!
I love this! Look at those giant geese.  They'll surely get your attention while driving down the road less traveled.
They're big enough to eat the people driving or at least big enough to help change a flat tire if needed!

And look, there's a ukulele just waiting alongside the road to pick up and play!  I like this place!
 The camera has been painted black inside, the hole is drilled and it is loaded up with some Harman Direct Positive Paper for some tests tomorrow morning!

P.S.  After a few tests shots that didn't work out so well, I've reserved this camera for solargraphs.  The image circle is rather small, so it will be much better for solar work.


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  1. That does look like a fun tin to make a camera from. Good luck.

    Speaking of Harman Direct Positive, I just read on Large Format Photography Forum a rumor that Harman Direct Positive will be no more. They were getting the emulsion from the Swiss-based Harman Imaging that's in receivership, and no new shipments of emulsion are coming. Harman will be trying to get the patent to the formula so they can make it themselves. Bad news, but I hope the product eventually gets remade. For now, I have several packs, and perhaps will see about buying more from Freestyle.

    Keep up the good work.