Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hallway of Trees

I recently acquired one of those can openers that cuts the lid off on the side edge so there's no jagged lid to cut yourself with. 

The bonus is that the lids have a nice little recessed lip on them and are so clean cut and smooth that the cans make great pinhole cameras!  This can just so happened to be seamless so it turned out extra smooth.

This pinhole shot was made with a tomato can whose contents eventually became homemade salsa!

Win, win, win!

Expired photo paper negative sloshed in home brew caffenol.

I kinda like that it looks like an old photo.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Don't forget I'll be at the Rio Grande Zoo for pinhole day...just meet me at the front entrance around 1 p.m. if you want to join me.

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