Sunday, April 27, 2014

The (Windy) Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Yes indeed!
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was a breezy one.
But not too breezy!!!

The day turned out great and as planned we went to the Rio Grande Zoo and made an afternoon of it!

We met Joe at the front gate and then spent the next couple of hours moseying along making pinhole photos of the flora and fauna.  A few of the animals were on leave for the winter and were nowhere to be seen.

I was hoping for some pinhole photos of the tortoises, (slow moving and perfect pinhole subjects) but they were on vacation...perhaps Cancun?  the sign didn't say.

Most animals move a round a lot or just aren't that interested in posing for minutes at a time so I only came away with one exposed sheet of 4 x 5, 1 roll of 35mm in a matchbox pinhole camera and 1 roll of 120 shot in a 3D printed pinhole camera.  I made 7 shots with my pinhole Holga, so that's not a whole lot of film...

The photo below was made with an Illy coffee tin and a sheet of 4x5 black and white film.

It's the only one I've developed so far so keep checking back during the week and I'll get some more posted as they are developed.

This nice Zebra obliged my lengthy pinhole exposure and remained still for about 10 seconds.
I say "about" since I don't meter and I don't count seconds.

I just pretend to be the emulsion and when I think enough photons have excited the emulsion and will leave an image, I stop the exposure.  The light was come and go, and the Sun was hit or miss, but it made the day more interesting and I like interesting!

The Zebra just stood against the light breeze and mostly ignored us.

I hope everyone enjoyed their pinhole day and I'm looking forward to your photos!!


  1. Great black and white subject! I had lots of fun, am rinsing my eight paper negatives now.

    1. WE had fun too! Looking forwardto your photos!

  2. Wow! The zebra kinda looks like a toy. Great shot!
    I went for a walk in a Chinese wet market and amusement park for my worldwide pinhole day photos!