Sunday, July 1, 2018

Underwater in the Back yard...or how I found Atlantis

a silly somewhat perplexing title don't ya think?

I found an old Polaroid back with some Fuji instant film in it while rummaging through a drawer the other day and this is the end result.

Fuji no longer makes color instant film in this size, and I didn't pay attention to see what shot number this was and set up my pinhole camera in the back yard, put the film back on the camera and made this...
I don't meter, I just pretend to be the emulsion and wait, and watch and listen and wait some more, then when I feel like the emulsion has had enough, I stop the exposure.

When I first pulled the backing paper off and saw the result, and after realizing this was the last shot in the pack, it struck me as looking like it was an under water scene.

Which I like since there's not much water around here.

There are people that live just north and also south, and then east and west of me that haul water because their wells have gone dry, so it's quite a contrary thought of being underwater here....

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  1. Those are some excellent thoughts about pinhole imagery. Most of us likely think in terms of exposures taking place in small fractions of a second. The pinhole requires a very different mind-set, particularly in low light conditions where the exposure stretches out into the realm of reciprocity failure. And, of course, expired film adds yet another layer of uncertainty.