Thursday, August 15, 2013

My oh my how times flies!

I'm not sure how time gets away from me so fast lately...

One way has been that I've been out each clear night watching for Perseid meteors and that I've been unsuccessfully trying to make photos of them.
I should know better!  For years I've been trying to catch some meteor streaks with my camera, and for years my camera has been the great meteor deflector!  I can see meteors zip across the sky but my camera always seems to be aimed in the opposite direction!
Oh well, the Perseid shower has subsided for this year and I'll torment myself with it again next year when it returns...but in the meantime I need to show you something pinhole related right?  I mean that's why we come here, to see something about pinhole.

I had an old Agfa Viking folder camera that had holes in the bellows and a stubborn shutter so I converted it to pinhole.

As you can see it's kind of rustic looking!  I removed the bellows and shutter and then just cemented the front closed.  The camera will never open again, but it will take photos again because I hand made and then installed a pinhole where the tripod socket used to be.

I spray painted the interior flat black and then painted the exterior metallic black.  The handle is a braided piece of macrame type cord I had around the house and the makeshift shutter is just a magnetic business card cut to fit.  Viola!

It works fairly well for a hack job camera.  My first shot is above and it was made with an expired piece of Ilford photo paper.  The exposure was about 30 seconds in party cloudy sky and then the photo paper was developed in home brew caffenol for about 4 minutes.

I can still use 120 size rollfilm in the camera since I left the spool holders intact.

This has quite a bit of vignette, but that's fine with me.  Anytime a camera can be recycled and make photos again is good in my world.

Have an amazing day and thanks for stopping by!

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