Monday, August 5, 2013

not missing, just busy these days

Well hello!

I've been busy and not posting but all is well in Palomino pinhole land!
My latest distration has been testing a 13 inch telescope for our local astronomy club and it has taken time and concentration away from my walking around time with a pinhole camera.

Sure the telescope testing is during the dark hours of the day, but...well there are not buts.
I've just been distrated, that's it plain and simple.

To get back on the pinhole horse, how about I show you my latest creation?  It's an 8 x10 pinhole box that I scribbled an elephant on a week or so ago.

I built the camera out of scraps in my shed and then free handed the elephant with some Sharpies.
I decided to put the elephant on the box since they are slow and thoughtful creatures and pinhole photography is similar in nature.

                                                        Here's a shot out of that box.

I used an 8 x 10 inch sheet of black and white photo paper for the negative then developed it in a home brew of caffenol.  I had to invert it in photo-shop to make it a positive.

I think this box will work out alright and I'm looking forward to more adventures with it.

p.s.-  that show I mentioned in my previous post is going well! The opening was this past Friday and it was a hit!  I heard someone say (via e-mail, since I was not at the opening) that it was the best show they had ever had, so I'll be walking around with my big hat on! ;-)  Truly  honored to be selected.

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  1. I love the elephant camera, and the image from it is great. You have a good eye for pinhole.

    Here's a strange idea: how about taking some pinhole photos of close up details of the telescope (in the daytime, of course)? I like the way pinhole can get both near and far in the same field of view. I don't suppose you could get a pinhole camera close to the primary mirror? Or remove the eyepiece and shoot into the scope. Point the scope at some interesting terrestrial object.

    Yes, I'm nuts.