Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just taking some time off....

Hi Ya'll!
I'm okay, just taking some time off to explore and dink around in the shop with some new ideas.
Also driving some new roads I've never been on before, which is always a thrill.

PLUS it's been raining a bit, which is a great thing in my part of the world and I have been stalking that Super Moon we had over the weekend.
Oh yeah, I did a little talk last Saturday night at our local astronomy club in Albuquerque about analog lunar photography, caffenol and Galileo. .
I'm also working on a very long term project with the Moon as my collaborator.

Interestingly, one of my astronomy buddies had built a multi-pinhole camera and brought it to the club meeting to show me...I was proud and excited to see it!  You just never know how and when the pinhole bug is going to bite one of your friends.  Sometimes that little pinhole bug bites hard!!!

I also went to Durango and rode the train again. I love that thing, and I of course made a  few pinhole photos, but don't have them scanned in just yet, so I'll try to get busy with that and share some photos with you.

While in Durango, I tripped over a curb and fell and sprained my finger pretty bad, ( right before I was to get on the train too- but I rode the train anyway)---so bad at one point I thought I might have to cut my wedding ring off my finger!  But I didn't and now my finger is just about back to normal so all is good again.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a rip roaring summer and I'll be back soon with some new pix and maybe, just maybe a new camera.
No promises, but keep checking back, I DO appreciate your visits!

happy Trails for now!

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