Friday, June 22, 2018

First Days of Summer and a Black Sun

It's officially Summer, even though it's felt like summer for a few weeks...meaning it's been hot.
Summer is the perfect time for pinhole, lot's of good light and strong sunlight means stark contrast, and solarized suns like above.  

Photography rule books usually say to avoid noon time photography because the light is harsh, but since there are always exceptions and rules need to be broken, pinhole is just fine at noontime. Try it!
The above image was made with a Reality So Subtle pinhole camera in 6 x 6 format on some old Pan F film.
I really like this camera. It was made in France by aupremierplan on a CNC machine which I think is uber cool because it meshes a very old type of photography with an ultra modern way of making things.

It was developed in a homemade caffenol developer Delta recipe for 8 minutes.  


  1. Wonderful Solstice photo!

    Thank you for the encouragement to pinhole at noon :-) My main hesitation is that it's so bright out, that even at f235 I can't open and close the shutter fast enough ...

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  3. Thanks! Pinhole is more forgiving than I think most people expect it to be.
    Give that shutter a try and see what happens!