Monday, April 1, 2013

a look inside...

As promised, here's a look at the liner I made for the "dicey" pinhole camera in the post earlier today.
This is the view as you begin to slide the two halves of the camera apart.  The liner is made with black foam-core glued and taped together for a snug fit.  I cut the foam-core with the table saw.  It's much easier and I can make quicker and more accurate cuts than trying to do it with an Exacto knife.  Besides, I cut myself really bad once while using a box cutter type thing and had to have stitches, so I'm kinda reluctant to use them.

Below, you can see the two halves completely apart.  The foam-core liner was glued into the top or lid of the box to make it easier to slide the 2 pieces back together.

Here is the front with an enlarged hole for the pinhole shown.  This cuts down on the harsh vignetting that I don't particularly care for.  I used a round over bit on the router...I'm really scared silly of that thing, so I usually get my husband to help me with this part.  In other words I just let him do it.

Here's another view of the two halves.  You can see where I removed the hinges that used to close the box.  They no longer fit due to the liner being in the way and I don't need them to keep the box closed any longer.
Oh, and the brown cardboard that you see in the box half on the right hand side is just a spacer to keep the paper flat when the box is loaded.

The box works great!  It's one of my favorite conversions so far.

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  1. This is a neat modification. I have a similar decorator box from Hobby Lobby, and I also use a foamcore insert, but mine gives the box a shorter focal length, with a storage compartment behind the film plane for paper. I still have to use rubber bands to keep the lid on securely.

    I also like the image along Central Ave.