Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And the Sun did shine

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is just a few days away so I did a test with the trusty "Palomino" pinhole camera just to make sure everything is cool.

You know, no light leaks or mis-loaded 4 x 5 film holders.  Things you don't want to run into when you're out and about making magic with a pinhole camera.

The subject matter today isn't anything to get too excited about, except that it was a fine clear day in sunny New Mexico and the wind wasn't howling!

Considering that it was 18 F degrees early this morning and the hummingbird nectar was frozen in the feeders, it turned out to be a very nice day.  Electric Blue sky, subtle breeze and enough Sun to make the birds sing!

This is Ilford FP 4 black and white sheet film exposed for 3 seconds then dunked in freshly brewed caffenol for 8 minutes.

I use caffenol exclusively now and really like how the negatives turn out.

The homebuilt "Palomino" is still my favorite camera out of all the boxes I've built, so it's going to be my prime box on pinhole day. I've got about 6 film holders loaded with Ilford FP4 125 speed film and some uber slow Harman Direct Positive paper that shoots at a speed of about 3.

Yeah, that's pretty slow, but with pinhole there's just no sense in getting in a hurry and I like that!

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