Monday, April 1, 2013

recycle, reuse, repinhole!

Todays offering is a look at the box that made the photo for the prior post.

I have had this box for some time and even converted it to a pinhole shorty after purchasing it, but I just never got in the groove of using it....mainly because I didn't like it too much.
Excuse me?!  Me NOT liking a pinhole box?  Impossible you think?!

Sad but true.  The poor box sat on top of a shelf gathering dust and spider webs until yesterday when I whisked it out to the shed for a quick, (okay, it took an hour or so) makeover.

The first thing I did was removed the hinges and then removed the sticky black felt I had put around the inside edges to make it light tight.

Oh wait, back up, I wiped off the dust and spider goo first....
Then I made the hole to hold the pinhole a wee bit larger and rounded over the edges to cut down on any vignette.  I like vignette if it looks subtle, but a harsh round shadowy vignette is not my preference so to the router table we went.

Next I made a nice liner out of black foam-core to keep it light tight and to help hold the paper negatives I'll be using in place when it's closed.  The foam-core is like a sleeve inside the box and also serves as a stabilizer to keep the box closed since I removed the hinges.
The sleeve is glued to the front/lid so when I slide the two halves apart, the sleeve/liner comes out of the back half but remains fixed to the front...
I know this might sound confusing, so I'll try to post a photo of the two halves pulled apart so you can see the insides after I  shoot the paper negative I have loaded in it today.

It works great!

BTW- the box came from Hobby Lobby, is about 5 inches square and last time I looked they still had a few in stock.  The box is made of mdf, so it's very dense and not flimsy and light tight!

It's about 5 inches square, so I made it into an f/ 270 camera.

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