Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a little challenge

While I was on the road last week, I made myself a little challenge to make a pinhole camera out of something I found at the place I visited and to make pinhole images with it.

I found a lovely little tin can at a second hand shop for 49 cents and promptly went to work making a couple of pinhole shots around the area.  ( I had looked in a couple of dumpsters, but only found rotten food and some busted elected to go the thrift store route.)

So I made a hole, loaded it with some paper and made the following shots.

Luckily, the tin can held a 4 x 5 sheet of paper perfectly!  

The tin measures about 5" tall and is about 3.25 " diameter.  It's marked "Meister" Made in Brazil on the bottom. I have no idea what might have been in it originally, but it is a nice size! 

I don't know what the f/stop is and I didn't bother painting the inside black but did find some black felt to line part of the tin can with to avoid glare and internal reflections.

All of these shots were about 45 seconds long and the paper is Harman Direct Positive developed in Caffenol.

All pinhole photos were made in west Texas.  A few I had to balance the can on fence posts and a couple I just set down on the street or pavement.

                                                 Old truck found in Marfa, Texas.

I should add that this camera made on the fly was not one of my favorites to use in the field.
Mainly because it is a one trick pony.
After exposing each sheet of paper, I had to unload and reload in a dark bag. This really wasn't a problem since time seems to move extra slow in west Texas, but it was time consuming.

I do like the final image this little tin can makes, so will probably keep it around for a few more adventures.
I also like the fact that the f/stop is a mystery.  Sure I could scan it and find out, but don't feel any urgency in doing so.  It makes images, and for me that's good enough.
Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

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