Wednesday, May 22, 2013

lately, I'm all about trees

Actually I've always been about trees.
They are favorites to make pinhole photos of because they graciously stand tall and still and never complain about it.

Not that any of my other subjects complain...

Here are a few pinhole shots made over the past month...if I dug back in my archives, I could post a tree photo every day,. but that would get old and you'd stop visiting and I don't want that to happen so I'll just share a few of my favorites.

This first tree is one I call the "Turnaround Tree" because it's in the middle of a turnaround area near the railroad tracks in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  A photographer friend introduced me to this tree and as you can see, it's quite a nice one! I want to shoot this one again with snow on the ground.    I made this photo with a Holga that I converted to pinhole.

This one is a tree in Texas that I like to shoot every time I get near it.  It's on an old ranch I visit and is nice and shady!  I made this photo with the converted Holga to pinhole camera too.

Here's another group of trees.  I used to camp under these trees a long time ago...and yes that's a rodeo arena in the background...I don't think it's used much anymore. Converted Holga to pinhole camera.

And the final photo is another group of trees in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  These are near the train station and line the historic avenue that has a few interesting buildings and an old hotel which you can see on the right.  Holga pinhole converted by moi!  
All of these were shot with Fuji Acros 100 film and developed in caffenol. Most of the shots were about 2-3 seconds long.

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  1. I especially like the way that trees display evidence of their motion in the wind, with the extended exposure times of pinhole cameras. Makes them appear even more alive.