Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I adopted a 4 x 5 pinhole camera from the auction site and the adoption package arrived today.

As you can see, this little guy ( he's 4 x 5 ) has been abused with tape so I hope to get the residue off and then take him out for a spin.

If anyone has a good tape remover idea, I'm all ears!!!

This pinhole camera is VERY similar to the 4 x 5 Palomino I built last year, so I guess this one will be the step brother.  Or maybe the Palomino is the step brother since other pinhole cameras of similar build were already in the world before I built mine...but then how many ways can you build a light tight box with a tiny hole in it I wonder?

I need to make a few parts for this one, a shutter and an extra dowel in the back to hold the filmholders in place, but that will only take a few minutes out in the shed and we're good to go adventuring!

All kidding aside, the focal length is the same so I expect similar results to what the Palomino shoots.
Come back soon and see what the verdict is...maybe I'll do a side by side and share that.

Have a great sunshine in your face day!

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