Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinhole Portraits

A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to make a pinhole portrait of someone other than my self, but only if I had engaged that person in conversation.

If you think about it, it's kind of difficult to make a pinhole portrait of someone that you haven't talked with because they need to be still for about 6 seconds or more to make it work out....thus the conversation.

While I was in Texas, I met a cowboy, an honest to goodness boot wearin, hat tippin, horse wrangler type to be exact.

Oh and a SAG card carrier as he sometimes moonlights as an actor in westerns.  He played the Sheriff in the Kevin Costner flick, "Wyatt Earp".

Anyway, I met "Sarge" on a ranch as he was working some horses and getting them ready to move to another pasture for feeding.

He was very friendly and we struck a conversation about horses and horse wrangling in general.
I had horses as a girl growing up so always take advantage of horse talk whenever I can.

I had my Holga that I converted to pinhole with me while I was on the ranch and asked Sarge if he would mind posing for a pinhole photo.  He obliged and stayed very still for the required 6 seconds it took to make the image.

After I closed the shutter to end the exposure this is what turned out...  Wow!  He was very still!

He came closer after I ended the exposure to look at the camera and wanted to know more about pinhole and said he'd never seen a pinhole camera and wanted to know how it worked.

I told him I would demonstrate it and he could see the pinhole, but warned him it would be making his photo as he watched.  He grinned and said "let's go for it" so I placed the camera on the fence railing, opened the shutter again and explained the process while he gazed intently into the teeny aperture.

After six seconds I closed the shutter and this is the result!  Isn't that just the greatest cowboy face?

I'm pretty happy with these and a big thanks to Sarge for being such a great first portrait!

As it turns out, Sarge is moving back to New Mexico so we might wind up being neighbors so you might be seeing more of him in future posts.

Adios amigos, and have a great day!

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