Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Got Rhythm?

This is probably why I like pinhole so slows me down, it makes me think at a meditative pace and it makes me feel at ease.

Breathe. It gives me rhythm.

When I made this pinhole image in Utah a few weeks ago, I wasn't even thinking of slowing down.  I just live that kind of life now.  Slower, easier, simpler....

I walked around this little pond every morning in the cold for 2 weeks.  Studying, observing and watching the birds that would come to fish along the frosty edge.

The morning I made this photo there was a Great Heron at the pond staring at the water, fishing, then looking at me getting in my rhythm of making a photo.

I like this one.  I like it a lot actually. I hope you do too!

Be healthy everyone.  Slow down and breathe a little!


  1. This is a wonderfully peaceful image, and reminds me of what I like about about pinhole. Stay well and I look forward to more images.

  2. Sage advice to go with a wonderful photo.