Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let's build another pinhole camera!

It is warm here, a balmy 50 F and I've had the itch to make some sawdust.
Spring-like weather does that to a person.  We get all antsy to work in the yard and tidy up what Winter has wrought.

My yard won't be ready to do anything with until sometime in late March, so out to the workshop I went and rustled up some old boards to make a camera.

From the beginning...
I found this old piece of plywood that looked like it wanted to be a pinhole camera.   This is exterior grade plywood, so it is a bit rough and has a few knots...but since it is an old salvaged piece, it doesn't have a lot of voids in it and luckily, it is square which makes doing cuts on the table saw super easy!

Something to go by...
I build every camera from scratch and don't use a pattern, I just use a 4 x 5 film holder and build the pinhole box around it.  This may be the hard way or the most time consuming way, but it works out for me and my style of building.  I measure a lot and cut a little.

So far so good...
After about 45 minutes of measuring and sizing things up, I've got something that is beginning to look like it might  be a pinhole box.  Yay!

Time for some glue...
This is the part I dread, mainly because it's the most time consuming.  I'm using the table saw's fence as part of my glue-up system because I know it has a very straight edge.  This really helps me line things up to make nice and pretty glue joints.  Sure I could be messy and sand the mistakes off, but I'm not that kind of builder.

Oh, and you'll notice I have already installed the tripod socket in the bottom of the box.  I use brass sockets. They cost more, but I like the way they look....even if I'm putting them in old vintage wood.

Another view...

I built the other little yellow pinhole box last year so I was overdue to make some sawdust.

To be continued.....

p.s.  I still have all my fingers!

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  1. This is fun, looking forward to the next installment.