Monday, March 26, 2018

My, what big grain you have.....

I like a bit of grain in my diet.....
This is what I'd call "whole grain".

Kidding aside, this is from a Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera 
(which I like a lot) using a roll of Lucky 120 film that a friend sent me to try out.
Mercy!  She warned me about the grain, but wow.

This was dunked in the Delta caffenol recipe for 7.5 minutes. I'm not sure if conventional developer would have tamed the grain or made it even more "wholesome".

I have a few more shots from the roll to share in a day or so.

Did I mention the emulsion is curlier than Shirley Temple's hair....
It was quite a challenge to get this stuff to behave on the scanner....curling lengthwise and side to side. 
Not fun. I may have said a few curse words...


  1. It looks fine if I sit six feet from my monitor.

  2. I really like it, needs a bit of distance to fully appreciate but it looks very atmospheric.