Friday, March 30, 2018

Out and About

This is a literal cut and pasted together photo made with three vertical shots from my Ansco Pix panorama camera and Kodak Portra 160.

It's a viewpoint made from Elena Gallegos Open Space just north of Albuquerque. This is looking southwest toward the city. It's a lovely area and one I had never been to before.

 As you can see the day was quite nice with crystal blue skies and ribbons of contrails streaming overhead.

Here's a vertical landscape of the same scene just for fun!

 Finally, a photo with the Sandias in the background. I think this place is well suited to return visits throughout the seasons as the colors will be nice as spring and summer, then fall progress.
Next time I'll use some Kodak Gold or maybe some Ektar as I think that will show a truer color.
I like Portra, but maybe not so much for landscapes...

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  1. The cholla and the contrails actually work together quite nicely.